Sunday, February 18, 2007

Learn to Play Craps Online

As any gambling game at the casino, craps can be intimidating for new players. Online casinos helps solve this problem since there are no loud crowds around the table that pressure new gamblers into mistakes. Instead, gamblers playing craps online casino have time to figure out the craps table and game before they see it live.

Learning to play this craps online can also help players win and have fun in a safe enviroment away from all the eyes of the table players in the casino. Online is a great place to make your first pass or don't pass bet, and an online casino experiance will help gamblers learn and understand the rules so that they can take their knowledge to the live craps table the next time they visit a casino.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Atlantic City Craps

Almost every casino in Atlantic City posts up 5X Free Odds on their tables. Weekday minimums run at $5 and $10 and on weekends and holidays most go up to $25. There is no corner 6 or 8 and The Field only pays 2x on the 2 AND 12 everywhere. All proposition bets are Downtown odds. If you are planning a trip we suggest that you book on weekdays and avoid weekends and holidays. If you are working with a limited bankroll we suggest you shop for low minimum tables at the properties in the middle section of the Boardwalk.